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Pregnancy, whether planned or a surprise undoubtedly evokes feelings of anxiety, concern and the hope for a straightforward journey to motherhood. My role is to ensure that you and your baby achieve optimal well being during preconception, pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

I believe that pregnancy and birth, whilst normal processes, do require specialist management. Intervention is occasionally required but is only initiated following open communication and informed consent. I encourage a collaborative approach to obstetric care and will work together with you and your partner to facilitate a safe pregnancy and birth. It is an honour to join with you and your support people in this very special time. I look forward to sharing the journey with you. Welcome to the practice!



For Women provides both Obstetric and Midwifery care. Throughout your pregnancy, you will have some visits with Dr Kate and some with the midwife. This ensures a collaborative approach with sensible conversations that balance risks with goals, and reduce unnecessary intervention.

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, your GP will need to write a referral to Dr Kate. You can then schedule your first visit which occurs around 8 – 10 weeks gestation.

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Dr Kate welcomes new life at North West Private Hospital (Everton Park) and The Wesley Hospital (Auchenflower).

Absolutely! It’s your body and your baby, so therefore it’s your choice how you want to give birth. Dr Kate will guide you through the details of the operation and offer up things for you to consider. Then if you’re happy to proceed, she’ll schedule it in and you can relax.

If you have worrying signs such as vaginal bleeding or severe morning sickness but have not had your first visit, please go to your nearest Emergency Department. You will be assessed, and Dr Kate will be contacted by the hospital staff if necessary.

Both Dr Kate and Lyn are strong advocates for VBAC. After exploring the circumstances of your previous caesarean birth they will provide honest opinion and guidance, and explore the options and risks, leaving you free of coercion to make your own decision.

Gynaecology and Fertility

Women’s health needs require expert assessment and management.

You can be assured of Kate’s caring and professional manner when dealing with your sensitive and private health concerns. Longer consultation times are designed to ensure that you feel listened to and to facilitate the formulation of a treatment plan to address not only your health issue, but the impact your recovery will have on your lifestyle and your relationships.

Kate has special interest and expertise in the following areas:

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