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At For Women, cuddling babies is part of the job description!

Whether through email, via phone, or in person, you will be welcomed by Esther in Reception. She will address all your appointment requests, financial considerations and sensitive inquiries in a professional and empathetic manner. She also offers a extra pair of hands to cuddle your baby if needed while you see Dr Kate.


All outpatient services eg. Antenatal checkups or gynaecological and procedural consultations performed in the clinic, attract a fee. This fee is required to be paid in full at the time of your consultation. The receipt you receive for this payment is then electronically sent to Medicare and a portion will be refunded into your bank account.
In order for this refund to occur, you must be Medicare eligible, your details with Medicare must be up to date including your bank account, and you must have a valid referral from your GP.

All care given without a current referral will not be eligible for a Medicare rebate.

A referral from a GP is valid for 12 months from your initial attendance.
A referral from another Specialist is valid for 3 months from your initial attendance.

All hospital and inpatient services are funded by 3 components:
Medicare + Health Fund + Gap Contribution (your out of pocket expenses that you will pay yourself).

A two way claiming system is in place whereby your account receipt can be submitted to your Health Fund who will then claim from Medicare on your behalf, add to this their portion, and then release the final rebate.

You will receive an Estimate of Medical Fees prior to your scheduled procedure and this signed document along with our terms and conditions forms a binding agreement.

When considering your medical expenses, please note that we can only provide an estimate for our services.  The estimate does not include unexpected findings at surgery which could necessitate longer operative times, or services provided by others involved in your care 
eg. Anaesthetist, paediatrician, pathology or radiology services.

It is advisable that once you receive your Estimate of Medical Fees for inpatient services, you contact your health fund and clarify the benefits you will receive.

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Dr Kate delivers a high standard of care and service to a capped number of people. Bulk billing clinics tend to have large numbers of clients and shorter consultation times in order to generate sufficient revenue that sustains their business. By taking on fewer clients at a higher fee, Dr Kate can deliver a premium service to you and sustain her business which is geared towards the high end astute consumer.

Gynaecology and obstetric services have various Medicare item numbers and varying rebates. You can contact the reception staff to get an estimate prior to attending the clinic. If admission to the hospital for surgery is required, a quotation with the relevant item numbers will be provided so that you can ascertain what your health fund will cover.

This is a fee that is charged around 28 weeks of pregnancy. It covers the extensive behind the scenes planning and management of your pregnancy and the associated contingency costs to ensure you are being looked after 24/7.

Babies can arrive at anytime. The 24/7 nature of the job means that the impact of doctor fatigue on safety is a consideration. To ensure that you are attended to by a well rested expert, it is necessary for Dr Kate to share her duties with other obstetricians at the hospital. Typically, Dr Kate will attend to all her clients Monday – Friday and share overnight on call with Dr Jamie Friebe. On weekends, she participates in a rotating roster with the larger obstetric team. Your first point of call if you have concerns outside of business hours is to call Birth Suite at the hospital 3246 3163 and the midwives will liaise with the doctor on call.

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