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Birth Preparation

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Birth Preparation

“We want our clients to hold their baby in their arms knowing that THEY birthed this human, and we supervised.”

Let's Talk About Birth

For Women clients have the option to access our in house birth preparation sessions that are run once a month. “Let’s Talk About Birth” is an informal group conversation about all things labour and birth. Facilitated by Midwife Lyn, you and your supporter will be guided through the birthing process and your many options during the course of your labour. Self advocacy and avoiding unnecessary intervention are the main drivers of this discussion as you head towards a low intervention vaginal birth. 

Dr Kate has formulated the program content so you can be assured that everyone is on the same page when it’s your birthing day. You’ll understand a lot about the various procedures that may be needed and how Dr Kate tends to manage certain situations. This will reduce your anxiety about the unknown and also reduce the need for unnecessary conversations and lengthy explanations if an emergency situation unfolds, as you’ll already be completely informed.

If your birthing choice is for an elective caesarean section, you’ll be offered a one hour group preparation session via Zoom, where Midwife Lyn will walk you through the hospital admission process, the spinal anaesthetic, the operation, and the recovery afterwards. Group numbers are limited so bookings are essential! Contact reception@forwomen.net.au

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Birth Preparation

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